___________________' Transatlantic "Kaleidoscope" World Tour '___________________

(In 2013, Pete's side project, prog-'supergroup', Transatlantic {Pete Trewavas (Marillion), Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard), and Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings)}, reformed to record their first album in four years.  The result is "Kaleidoscope".  The band embarked on an extensive tour to showcase the new material as well as play classic tracks from their entire catalog.  The tour included stops in North America, South America, and Europe with a high-seas luxury cruise along the way.  For further details, please visit Transatlantic's site directly.)


___________________ ' Steve Rothery Band - The Ghosts of Pripyat Live - (1st Leg) ' _____________________

(After the overwhelming response to the live performance in Plovdiv, Rothers brought his solo project (Dave Foster {Mr. So & So}, Yatim Halimi {Panic Room}, and Leon Parr {live and session drummer extraordinaire} on the road for a few early 2014 shows to showcase the studio album, "The Ghosts of Pripyat".  For further information regarding the album, visit Steve's Kickstarter page here.   A high-quality download of the Plovdiv show is available here for purchase.)


___________________ Steve Rothery -  "An Evening of Musical Invention" _____________________

(Rothers ventured across the pond to partake in "An Evening of Musical Invention".  Steve joined Billy Cardine of The Billy Sea, percussionist Jeff Sipe, and Jake Wolf on bass guitar, along with inventor of the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer, Paul Vo.  It was an experimental music evening with Steve working out his new Vo-96 Farida acoustic.  During his visit to Asheville, an impromptu blues jam with Rothers, Micahel Bennett, and Daniel Seriff took place at the "B-String".  Video available here.)

___________________ ' Cruise to the Edge ' _____________________

(Marillion took to the high seas for the first time ever in 2014.  They were the special guests of the legendary Yes for the second "Cruise to the Edge".   This was a 5-day cruise aboard the MSC Divina, a 3950 passenger capacity cruise vessel.  The cruise departed Monday, April 7th from Miami, FL (USA), and sailed to Isla de Roatan, & Cozumel, Mexico, before returning to Miami on Saturday, April 12th.  Marillion performed twice during the cruise.  These were full electric shows and featured a full production in a state-of-the-art onboard concert hall.)  Other artists included Steve Hackett, UK, Queensrÿche, Saga, Sound of Contact, and The Pineapple Thief.          Note:  Due to recovery from a medical procedure, Ian Mosley was unable attend the cruise and obviously did not perform.  He was replaced for these gigs by Steve Rothery Band drummer Leon Parr.  These were the first performances Ian has missed since an outdoor Latvian festival gig in July of 1992.)




___________________ 'Greatest Hits Tour' - Latin America _____________________

(Marillion returned to Latin America in 2014 for a "Greatest Hits" tour,  These were full-band shows.)


___________________ " Steve Rothery's Latin America Tribute Band & Guitar Masterclass Mini-Tour " _____________________

(Rothers stayed behind after the "Greatest Hits" tour to do a few "special guest" spots with some of Latin America's premier Marillion tribute bands.  He also took part in three guitar master classes.)



___________________ ' Festival of Québec ' _____________________

(Marillion performed their only 2014 North American show as part of the annual Canadian "Festival of Québec" event.  The band headlined the Loto-Québec Stage for the closing weekend's Saturday night.  Marillion played a "greatest-hits" type set.)   Set list here.


___________________ ' Night of the Prog Festival IX ' _____________________

(Marillion returned to Loreley for the second time in four years to once again headline the "Night of the Prog" Festival.  They played the same set as the prior show in Québec City, with "Sugar Mice" being added.  Pete and the rest of Transatlantic were the Friday night headliners.  Also on the bill were IQ, Anathema, Long Distance Calling, Collage, Clepsydra and more.)


___________________ 'Cropredy Convention 2014' _____________________

(Marillion returned to the stage for the Saturday slot at Fairport Convention's legendary Cropredy Convention.  This was a full-length electric set.)


___________________ ' Steve Hogarth - Marillion and the Invisible Man Diaries ' _____________________

(Part of the Blenheim Palace Literary Festival, Steve was a featured guest speaker.  He read selections from his book, "The Invisible Man: diaries 1991-1997" and played a couple of songs on the piano.  Steve was introduced by broadcaster David Freeman.)


___________________ ' h Natural - 2014 ' _____________________

(Steve Hogarth returned for another round of "h Natural" performances.  As usual, these were just h and the piano, the usual mix of Marillion tracks, some favorite covers, and, or course, audience participation.)


___________________ ' Steve Rothery Band - The Ghosts of Pripyat Live - (2nd Leg) ' _____________________

(This second, longer leg of the "The Ghosts of Pripyat" tour had Rothers further showcasing his solo project with his band (Dave Foster {Mr. So & So}, Yatim Halimi {Panic Room}, and Leon Parr {live and session drummer extraordinaire}.  For information regarding the album, visit Steve's Kickstarter page here.   A high-quality download of the Plovdiv show is available here for purchase.  Also available is the "Live in Rome" CD/DVD deluxe package recorded in February '14.)


___________________ ' Xmas Pandamonium Tour ' _____________________

(Marillion returned to the stage for a run of Xmas shows to close out a very busy 2014.  These were full-band shows.)


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