___________________  Steve Rothery Scandinavian Fan Club Show  _____________________

(Rothers played some classic Marillion songs with the Scandinavian Marillion tribute band, Misplaced Neighborhood.  This appearance was sponsored by The Web Scandinavia Steve also conducted a guitar clinic and held an exhibition of photos from his "Postcards From the Road" collection.)



___________________ ' European Tour (Stage Two) - 2nd Leg ' _____________________

(The second leg of "Stage Two" of Marillion's European Tour finished with multiple stops in France, Italy, and Spain. Two-night occupancies were featured at most stops.  These shows featured different setlists each night.)







Once again, the bi-annual Marillion Weekends took place over three separate events on two continents.   The Holland Weekend followed a similar format to that of past Weekends.  It was an all-inclusive affair and featured accommodations, meals, and events throughout.  The Montréaland UK weekends were slightly smaller in scale.  Both the Holland and Montréal Weekends featured the popular "Swap The Band" event (a first for Canada).  All Weekends included full-length Marillion concerts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  Each Weekend's Friday featured a performance of the Radiation album in its entirety, along with a lengthy "encore" set.  On December 11th, The Saturday show featured the classic Brave album played in its entirety for the first time in over a decade.  The performance was a recreation of the '94 Brave tour complete with slides, props and costuming.  The Sunday set is was a mix of new songs and old favorites.  Emphasis was placed on the latest Sounds That Can't Be Made material, but also featured classics such as "Garden Party".

Breaking tradition with the past, this time it was the UK Weekend filmed by Toward Infinity for a future HD Blu-Ray/DVD release.

The April 12th (Friday) Wolverhampton set was a record setter!  The show was filmed, recorded and mixed "on the fly", manufactured, packaged, and available for sale 10 hours and 31 minutes after the beginning of the show.  This is a new Guinness World Record for the quickest turnaround for a live concert film from performance to chart-eligible release.  This was made possible via the combined efforts of Toward Infinity and Abbey Road Studios LiveHereNow.  The resulting package "Clocks Already Ticking" is a 2-DVD / 3-CD deluxe package that contains the complete concert in both DVD (video) and CD (audio) formats.  Available now from Racket Records.   





        03/08/13 - CenterParcs Port Zélande - Ouddorp, Holland        (Support: DeeExpus)
        03/09/13 - CenterParcs Port Zélande - Ouddorp, Holland        (Support: Pete Trewavas, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Alan Reed)
        03/09/13 - CenterParcs Port Zélande - Ouddorp, Holland        (Support: Harvest)





        03/22/13 - Théâtre L'Olympia - Montréal, Quebec, Canada        (Support: Mystery)
        03/23/13 - Théâtre L'Olympia - Montréal, Quebec, Canada        (Support: Pete Trewavas, Jacob Moon)
        03/24/13 - Théâtre L'Olympia - Montréal, Quebec, Canada        (Support: Lucy Lynch, Sound of Contact {featuring Simon Collins and the incredible John Wesley})





        04/12/13 - The Civic - Wolverhampton, England        (Support: Aziz Ibrahim)  -  Source for Guinness World Record setting DVD/CD package "Clocks Already Ticking".
        04/13/13 - The Civic - Wolverhampton, England        (Support: Pete Trewavas, Relish)
        04/14/13 - The Civic - Wolverhampton, England        (Support: Touchstone)



___________________  Steve Rothery "StillMarillion" Guest Appearance _____________________



___________________  Steve Rothery - guest appearance with Steve Hackett - "Genesis Revisited" ' _____________________

(Rothers performs as a special guest of Steve Hackett for two of the UK "Genesis Revisited"  shows.  He played guitar on 'The Lamia' from "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway".)

___________________  Steve Rothery & Steve Hogarth - "Johnny's Rock 'n' Roll Show" Benefit' _____________________

(Rothers, h, and Nial Hogarth (h's son) performed a short acoustic set as part of a benefit show for a 16 year old local Aylesbury boy.  They performed 'Abraham, Martin & John', 'Sugar Mice', 'Life on Mars?', and "All the Young Dudes".  Also on the bill were the original Argent and The Zombies.)

___________________  Steve Rothery - "The Web Holland" - Pictures and Music _____________________

(Rothers will be conducting a photo exhibition, guitar clinic, and performing with Dutch Fish-era Marillion tribute band StillMarillion.  Sponsored by The Web Holland.)

___________________  Steve Rothery - "Charlotte Guitar Festival" - Clinic and Concert _____________________

(Rothers conducted a guitar clinic during the afternoon and took part in an evening concert in which he performed with guitarists Michael "B" Bennett, Daniel Seriff and his band "The Deluge".)

___________________ "Los Duos Marillos"  - Proyecto Andares Charity Gig _____________________

(h and Rothers contributed their talents for the first-ever 'Los Duos Marillos' show.  They performed as part of a benefit gala for the "Projecto Andares" project to help raise money and awareness for underprivileged children with mental disorders.)

___________________  Steve Rothery - "Plovdiv International Guitar Festival" - Clinic and Concert _____________________

(Rothers, along with the "British Guitar Academy All-Star Band" (Dave Foster {Mr. So & So}, Yatim Halimi {Panic Room}, and Leon Parr {live and session drummer extraordinaire} conducted an afternoon guitar clinic and then headlined an evening concert as part of the 8th International Festival of the Guitar.)

___________________ ' Sounds Live - 2013 ' _____________________

(Marillion added a second 2013 leg to the "Sounds That Can't Be Made" tour, including a stop at the venue where it all started; Friars Aylesbury.  All shows were full sets with the great Jacob Moon supporting.)

___________________ ' h Natural - Christmas Shows - 2013 ' _____________________

(Steve Hogarth returnsed for some intimate holiday solo shows to close out 2013.  Just h and the piano, the usual mix of Marillion tracks, some favorite covers, and some guaranteed intimate audience participation.)





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