___________________h and Pete with It Bites for Charity Gig_____________________


___________________"...Less Is More" Acoustic Theater Tour '10_____________________

(Marillion played a handful of additional acoustic shows in 2010.  All shows were full-band performances.)


 ___________________'Transatlantic "Whirld" Tour'___________________

(In 2009, after a seven year hiatus, Pete's side project, prog-'supergroup', Transatlantic {Pete Trewavas (Marillion), Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard), and Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings)}, reformed to release a new album, "The Whirlwind".  The following dates mark the first time the band had toured since 2001, and the first time ever both North America and Europe were scheduled for the same tour.)


___________________h Natural '10 - "h in His Birthday Suit"___________________

(h returned to the "Natural" format for a few one-man shows in celebration of his 51st birthday.  These shows were very casual, featuring Marillion songs, covers, and some stories, all with Steve behind the grand piano.)


___________________ ' One-off Festival Shows ' _____________________


___________________Pete and friends - "The Defense of the Realm" ___________________


___________________Los Trios Marillos ___________________


___________________h Natural '10 Holiday Shows___________________

(h returned for a short series of holiday "Natural" shows.  As always, these were one-man shows featuring Steve H. and the piano.) 


___________________25th Anniversary 'Web Holland' Show___________________

(To mark the 25th anniversary of the 'Web Holland' fan club, and to also have a warm-up gig for the Deep Purple tour, Marillion played a one-off gig outside of Amsterdam.  This event was open to Web members and their guests only.) 


___________________' Deep Purple & Special Guests - German Tour 2010 '___________________

(Marillion signed on to be the 'Special Guest' for Deep Purple's German Tour 2010.  This marked the first time Marillion had undertaken a non-headlining tour in over 25 years.  This slot allowed them to play large arenas throughout Germany alongside one of rock's truly legendary bands. Marillion performed a one hour set.)


___________________Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) Christmas Show___________________




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