___________________Festival Shows_____________________

(Prior to the release of "Happiness Is The Road" and subsequent tour, Marillion played select one-off festival dates.)




___________________' Los Trios Marillos '08 '_____________________

(Los Trios Marillos, the 3-man, acoustic version of Marillion (h, Pete, Steve) return for a couple of special shows.  These shows are acoustic in nature and offer alternative performances of Marillion classics and possibly a new track or two.)




___________________' h Natural '08 '_____________________

(h returned for another series of solo "Natural" shows. These shows were once again, one-man solo performances by Steve Hogarth.  As usual, most of these shows were recorded and are available on h-Tunes for purchase on an individual basis.)




___________________' Happiness Is The Road Tour 2008'_____________________

(The Happiness Is The Road  tour was conducted in two legs:  Part 1 during the month of November, and Part 2 late January and through February of 2009.)

Official Bootleg NEWS:   Marillion have recorded the majority of the shows from the HITR tour and made them available as a purchased downloads.  Information and downloads for the Happiness On The Road Live Series are available here.  These are 2-Track recordings direct from the mixing board, with the exception of the London show, which is multi-track.)



___________________'Private Racket Club Gig'_____________________



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