___________________'h Natural'_____________________

(These shows were one-man solo performances by Steve Hogarth only. They were not Marillion or h Band shows.  Most of these shows were recorded and are available to purchase on an individual basis.  Each recorded show will be released separately and will be available for a limited time only.  Downloads and more information are available through h-Tunes.)




________ "Los Trios Marillos" at BajaProg Festival 2006 __________

(These shows featured acoustic performances by H, Pete, and Steve.   These were not Marillion full band shows.   'Los Trios' played different sets at each of the venues.)



__________ One-off Festival Show_________

(This was a full-band Marillion show.  Marillion headlined the annual Wianki Wreath Festival.  This gig was a free outdoor show and the only proper live Marillion show of the year.  The set was captured and released as part of the band's annual Web-members X-Mas CD.) 



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