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The TourHistory serves as both a historical reference, and as a source of current touring information for Marillion and various band-member side projects.  Much effort is taken to make these pages as comprehensive, accurate, and complete as possible. The information used to create this site was drawn from many different sources. Therefore, discrepancies and/or inaccuracies may exist. Any corrections, additions, comments, etc., are very welcome and greatly appreciated.


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 photo courtesy of Joe del Tufo -  © 2012 Joe del Tufo

TLA - Philadelphia - 6/15/12

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  photo courtesy of Joe del Tufo -  © 2012 Joe del Tufo


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Each year listed below contains all known live appearances by Marillion as well as current members' solo and side projects.  The Fish TourHistory can be found here.  Upcoming shows are listed with links to the venue and ticket information wherever possible.  Many upcoming shows are also available for purchase directly through Racket Records.


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